At Trova Commercial Vehicles, we provide both industrialization services to be deployed either at the facilities of the OEM or we can offer full scale complete vehicle manufacturing in our production site.

Not only do we support our customers with manufacturing engineering and management resources but can offer E2E international supply chain management covering your entire value chain.


Since Trova means “find”, we see our role to find industrialization solutions focusing on solving your specific industrialization needs, without you having to recruit, train or reassign your own valuable employees.

                Total product cost reduction service

In our method lab, we can analyze your initial product architecture and component design and challenge it beyond their functionality to make major reductions in production conversion cost, manufacturing leadtime, component costing and help increase key operational performance factors.


                Industrial & Manufacturing engineering service

We have access to some of the world’s best industrial and manufacturing engineers and managers. Trova Commercial Vehicles uses a worldwide network of subject matter experts that can help every OEM with initial Time&Motion studies, job instructions, layout engineering, equipment engineering,…Every aspect of industrial and manufacturing work, we can manage on your behalf.


                Launch Management

A unique, and often underestimated competence set needed for every industrial start-up, is initial launch management. Trova Commercial vehicles can provide a team of management experts with many decades of automotive launch management.


                On-site Full Service management

Manufacturing sites require a good deal of “peripheral support”, in most cases requiring unique experience. Beside the obvious support functions, such as the upkeep of equipment and machines, facility maintenance,…advanced manufacturing sites rely heavily on on-site support from kaizen-shops, fab-shops and unique facilitation work to achieve world class operating results.

Trova Commercial Vehicles can support new and established OEM sites by securing and managing these processes


                Complete Vehicle Manufacturing

Although Trova Commercial vehicles has a team with wide spread experience across the entire automotive industry, our model is ideally suited for the manufacturing of commercial vehicles, mainly driven by its product differentiation factors, such as volume, product complexity and often need for customer modifications. Trova Commercial Vehicles therefore offers, beside traditional pre-assembly work, a one stop shop for complete vehicle production.

We have access to a manufacturing site in Virginia, ideally located for the most optimum in-and outbound logistics. This choice of location has a great and immediate impact on your overall product costing. We have therefore chosen a location in the middle of a mature and well established supply base serving the commercial vehicle industry for decades




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