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FLEET Moving

Your Partner into Alternative Drive-Line Vehicles


In recent years, the change in driveline technology has created an unprecedented demand for independent advanced industrialization competence, mainly targeting small to medium size production volumes.

Since technology will continue to shift at a rapid pace, with major impact on vehicle architecture, the new emerging OEM’s have need for agile, high performing and above all cost effective industrialization solutions in order to claim and secure market share from the traditional OEM’s.


At TROVA Commercial Vehicles, we have access to an extensive network of automotive experts with centuries of combined experience, yet we operate as one unified team to solve some of the most challenging industrialization problems for our customers.


What makes us unique, is our development of a distinctively different industrialization concept tailor-made for small to medium size volume production. This model has proven its cost effectiveness and can compete with any large scale manufacturing operation. This concept has a unique depth of engagement and multi-stakeholder model. It provides cost effective E2E manufacturing and supply chain management unique for the automotive industry.

Our management team has proven past performance in managing extensive and very complex value chains for complete vehicle manufacturing.





A Game Changer in the Making




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