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Our D2E Program

Electrification of diesel trucks using

an innovative EV chassis

Diesel-to-Electric Conversion Program

  • Traditional OEM's and most EV start-up companies are focusing on new vehicle offerings

  • North America has approximately 4.6 million class 7-8 vehicles on the road powered by diesel drivelines

  • Asset Recovery, by means of driveline conversion, is a rapid and

      a cost-effective way for fleets towards zero-emission vehicles

The Base: Proprietary Rolling Chassis

Designed to Accommodate

Battery-Electric Driveline Components

The design advantage of the battery packs

packaged inside the chassis rails

  • Vehicle and battery safety is improved against major side-impact crashes

  • Battery pack durability is improved by the central mounting versus

     side rail mounting

  • Improved vehicle stability

Stress Analysis 1.PNG

Component level FEA validation

chassis incl rear end 2 RD.jpg

Chassis Prototype (Patents pending)

Conversion Process

The D2E Program uses an industrialized process to ensure an effective and quality assured vehicle conversion. This process reduces the overall cost and allows for a 24-hour conversion cycle. While the truck is being converted, the user gets educated on the use and maintenance of this

battery-electric vehicle.

One of the differentiating factors is our flow-process in which the vehicle is converted, versus the more traditional stall-build or cell-assembly.

Prior to the arrival of the original truck, the new chassis is being assembled together with a brand new electric driveline. Once the truck is cleaned and all liquids have been drained, then the bumper, hood, and cab are being removed from the truck and are being prepared for reassembly. The next step is the transplant of the existing axles, fifth wheel, and brake system from the existing truck onto the new chassis, after which the cab, hood, and bumper are being reassembled. The entire process is engineered to the highest automotive quality assurance standards and incorporates a thorough component inspection prior to reassembly.

The customer drives away with the original truck, however, equipped with a brand new chassis and battery electric driveline. We refer to it as the Xeno-process, referenced after the transplant of different parts and organs into a new living environment.

In addition, Trova Commercial Vehicles puts the recovered components, such as the motor, gearbox, and cooling module into a reman process, so also these components get an extended life as part of this unique conversion cycle. The old chassis will be reconditioned and reused to the best of possibilities, otherwise, it will be re-cycled for new steel.

D2E Electric Conversion Diagram.jpg

D2E Conversion Flow Diagram

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